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In the corporate, different people have certain resources at their disposal of which they are expected to make optimum utilization in order to break through to success. We at eSpoir help you unlock your potential & outpace the competition. For Corporate Professionals, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Houses, Hospitality & Service Industry, Educational & Healthcare Institutions, Financial Organizations.

Soft skills

Encourage critical thinking

Customer centric conversation

Time management

Patient listening

Body language


Behavioural skills

Employability skills

Handling peer pressure and team building

Negotiation skills

Improve body language

Stress management

Image enhancement

Crisis management

Case studies

Develop business communication skills.

Improve presentation skills

Motivating and supporting

Telephonic skills

Leadership skills

Grooming & styling

Case studies


They will set high standards for themselves and their juniors.

Resilience learning to keep going when things don’t go according to plan, coping with the unfamiliar, managing disappointment and dealing with conflict.

Complying with the industry standards for grooming & dressing.

Promote and nurture greater consistency in their jobs.

Communicating well with the clients leading to more business.

Improved client meet/ presentations.

Employability skills time and resource management, conflict resolution, teaching and mentoring others.

Advancing their knowledge about the practices in the world.

Development of leadership skills to improve creativity, efficiency & productivity.


A customized module can be designed depending on the need which can be an intense program or a program spread across 6 months.